"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so"
   Proverbs 3:27


Emergency Assistance

SeAM is experiencing an unprecedented increase in families facing crisis for the first time due to job loss and the economic downturn. Last year SeAM gave assistance to a total of 16,327 children and 21,293 adults.

Helping Hands for Single Moms

Single mothers face a host of needs and challenges including nutritional, financial, and educational deficiencies, housing difficulties and unemployment. Half of SeAM's heads of household are single moms with children. In 2009, SeAM dedicated $188,275 to assisting 2,345 single moms who care for a total of 3,556 children.

Seniors 55 Plus

Persons 55 and older comprise a significant portion of SeAM's client population. They are particularly vulnerable to emergency crises requiring assistance for food, medical care, employment and housing that place them at high risk. SeAM provides seniors with basic emergency assistance while also facilitating job placement for those who are unemployed or underemployed.

Children School Assistance

In this year-round program, SeAM provides school uniforms, shoes and school supplies to children who are referred by officials at 50 public schools.

Adopt a Child for Christmas

Each Christmas SeAM sponsors a Christmas assistance program through which persons volunteer to provide Christmas gifts and make a child's holiday memorable.

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